About AWBriefing

AWBriefing is a London-based research and conferencing organisation dedicated to promoting advancement and knowledge generation between automotive industry stakeholders through discussion, debate and networking. We develop comprehensive conference and networking events that are pertinent to the current trends and influences within the automotive industry. Our conferences provide an arena to exchange information, views and ideas for those interested in automotive issues.

Each conference conducted by AWBriefing aims to:

Through expert knowledge and its unique understanding of the automotive industry, AWBriefing is able to respond with conferences that are concise and informative, without being overwhelming.

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Our Mission

We strive to be the primary source for the most informative, comprehensive and interactive conferences for our clients. Therefore, the number one priority and commitment of AWBriefing is to offer, at all times, a world class event, service and automotive knowledge.

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Our Delegates

At AWBriefing, we view our attendees not as delegates, but as individual clients. We aim to provide our clients with a conference atmosphere that is engaging, personal and comfortable. Unlike larger, more informal conferences, each conference is limited to a maximum of 65 delegates in order to ensure the highest quality interaction for each individual. By bringing together diverse stakeholders from across the industry, we are able to provide delegates with an enriching and valuable experience, as well as provide an opportunity to network and understand essential automotive trends in at our conferences.

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